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Growth and Expansion

Growth and Expansion

Our farm in Prosser Washington is now the proud owner of a brand new packing shed measuring just over 100,000 sq ft.  It's a sight to behold!  We incorporated the latest energy-saving technologies including power-saving motors and solar-designed windows.  Another new storage shed was also brought online recently at our Corinne, Utah farm.

Our thoughts on Sustainability

Our thoughts on Sustainability

The Hartley family has always had a long-term vision and taken great care to not only use the latest technologies but the smartest and safest technologies.  Whether it's as grand as our giant shed windows which maximize energy-efficieny by utilizing the sun's natural heat, or as simple as the use of conservation technologies to mitigate wind and water erosion, our energy, land management, and sustainability decisions are made with the next generations in mind.

Organics and other onions

Organics and other onions

Hartley's push toward growing organic onions has been well received.  Demand for organics is always growing as consumers embrace a healthier lifestyle.  And Hartley's is here to help.  We currently grow yellow and sweet organics and will have all colors and sizes available for the 2015 season.

This, coupled with our myriad of packing options, red, white, and sweet onions, and our broad calendar of availability make Hartley's Best a perfect choice.

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